My current art practice is generated from an investigation spread over the problem of evil. The wide-ranging conceptions and concerns that this problem raises in the human being as well as the diverse ways of approach it as a complex and endless subject matter. Through the use of text-based works, photography, drawing and painting, I have developed projects that intend to refer to and pose different questions about the idea of evil, as an exploration developed from various perspectives which focuses this problem generally as the starting point.

As an essential part of my practice, I have been working through the analysis and under the influence of the mass media and the cinema. These two elements have become a fundamental part in the development of my work. Currently, the media together with the cinema appear as the most evident and representative point of display of how we vaguely understand and perceive the problem of evil. In addition, the permanent dialogue between these two elements with the idea of evil brings a further concern focused on the relationship between reality and fiction, which in our time reveals that particular impossibility of discernment between one and another.

Nelson Guzmán Avellaneda